For 30 years, The Tolly Group has worked with a wide range of information technology providers - from start-ups to industry giants. Our technology vendor client list exceeds 200 companies.

Clients include Samsung, Citrix Systems, Cisco Systems, Huawei, Microsoft, IBM, Intel, Code42, D-Link, Lenovo, Alcatel-Lucent, Linksys, Dell, InfoVista, InfoBlox, VMware, Symantec, Mitel, 8x8, Pluribus Networks, Trend Micro and HPE. Our client list is a veritable Who's Who among information technology suppliers. As noted, The Tolly Group prides itself on working with IT start-ups as well. Many companies that are now household names first came to prominence by proving their claims through Tolly testing.

Fortune 1,000 companies and government agencies worldwide look to The Tolly Group for a wide range of services, including proof-of-concept testing and network planning. IT managers worldwide leverage Tolly Group reports to assist them in choosing key products, solutions and services.

Clients (Partial List)