Tolly Group Third-Party validation is the time-tested best way to put the power of proof behind your marketing claims. Wouldn't you like to: shorten your sales cycle, make your way on to the short list, and reduce or eliminate costly proof-of-concept trials? Proving your claims with Tolly Certified reports is a proven way to accomplish all of this. 


Q: Is your product faster, better, easier-to-deploy, or more feature rich than other products? 

A: Tolly PROOF OF CLAIMS Service is what you are looking for.

We can help you prove any empirical aspect of your information technology product. We work with you to understand what you want to prove - and how, together, we are going to prove it. SMB, Enterprise and service provider IT buyers worldwide have been using Tolly Certified reports as an important part of the product acquisition strategy for nearly 30 years.



Q:  Is your product more cost effective? Is it more efficient? Better TCO/ROI?

A: f the answer is yes, then you need our PROOF OF VALUE STUDY.

Q: How do I prove the value of my product?

A:  All product marketing people have "obstacles" to the sales process - we can help remove those obstacles and shorten the sales cycle.



Q:  Is your sales cycle slow because of endless proof of concepts? 

A: If yes, you need our PROOF of CONCEPT service.