The company was founded by Kevin Tolly in 1989 to provide hands-on evaluation and certification of Information Technology products and services.

The Tolly Group enjoys a unique position in the information technology sector. As the premier independent test lab and provider of third-party validation services, Tolly has worked with virtually every major vendor and evaluated the most important products and technologies to appear over the past decade. And in many cases, The Tolly Group has tested these solutions not once but many times, tracking products as they evolve and markets as they mature.

The Tolly Group is positioned to certify vendor solutions and thereby provide evidence that their products meet or exceed marketing claims. This proof-of-performance and/or features/functions lets customers know they can buy with confidence. Furthermore, custom testing enables vendors to verify a specific feature or function or commission a comprehensive evaluation. Either way, clients receive the assurance they need to aggressively market products without worrying about problems that otherwise may stall rollouts and tarnish reputations.


What We've Achieved

  • Trade Press Opinion, Articles and Feature Stories

    In over two decades, The Tolly Group has published hundreds of independent tests, technology articles, and opinion pieces in leading business and trade publications. This high profile and unparalleled publishing record explains why The Tolly Group is viewed as an unimpeachable source by current and past editors at Tech Target, TMCNet, Business Week, Computerworld, Information Week, Internet Week, Network World and VAR Business among others.

  • Tolly Common Test Plan

A key ingredient of any test is designing a superior test plan. Over decades, Tolly has built a library of such plans. In 2008, Kevin Tolly established the Tolly Common Test Plan program to bring IT vendors into the test plan development and advancement process and, ultimately, to make these plans available via license to IT architects, testers and vendors.